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Graduate Programs

Purdue's graduate program listing is available at http://www.purdue.edu/gradschool/prospective/majors.html.


To apply, please visit the Graduate School home page at http://www.gradschool.purdue.edu/admissions

Graduate Admissions Process

As an international applicant for admission to a graduate or professional program at Purdue, you will go through a three-step process involving the academic department in which you have an interest, The Graduate School, and ISS.

Role of Academic Departments

After you submit your application, application fee, and required documents, the academic department will evaluate your application and inform you if you have met admission requirements.

If you are accepted, the department will forward your application to The Graduate School.

Each department has Graduate Program Heads, Graduate Committee Chairs, and Graduate Program Departmental Contact Persons.

Role of The Graduate School

The Graduate School reviews your application and makes the formal admission decision.
If you are accepted by The Graduate School, you will be notified by email. The email notification will also direct you to download the NOTIFICATION OF INTENT (NOI), at the following link: https://www.iss.purdue.edu/NOI

Role of ISS (International Students and Scholars)

You must attach scanned images of your official financial support documents, and your passport (and dependents, if applicable) showing the legal spelling of your name before an immigration document will be prepared and mailed. We review the information you provide on the NOI form in addition to your source(s) of funding, and any other required documents as listed on the form. If everything is complete, a Form DS 2019 or Form I-20 is issued. The Form I-20 or DS 2019 along with a valid passport, financial documentation and receipt for payment of the SEVIS fee (if required), are needed to apply for a student visa at a U.S. embassy or consulate.