J-1: Maintaining Legal Status

In order to maintain your legal status as a J-1 faculty or staff member you must:

  • Have a valid I-94 card and a valid and current DS 2019 form at all times

  • Have a valid passport (both you and your dependents)

    • To extend your passport, you will need to contact your home country embassy or consulate for the procedures that you must follow. Be sure to contact your embassy at least 6 months prior to the expiration of your passport to ensure timely processing.

  • Maintain adequate health insurance coverage for yourself and your dependents as required by federal regulations

  • Pursue the activity as described in #4 on your DS 2019 form

  • Only engage in employment in the department or office for which your program has been approved

  • File timely and appropriate transfer and extension notifications through the ISS office

  • If any university courses are taken, they must only be part-time, non-degree courses

  • Limit departures from the US to less than 30 days during your J-1 program unless the reason for leaving longer allows the maintaining of the J-1 program

    • If a scholar will be gone for 30 days or more from the US to continue a collaboration between Purdue and another institution, a letter from the Purdue inviting professor will be needed for the scholar's file at ISS.  The letter should

      • Be address To Whom It May Concern

      • List the address of the overseas worksite location

      • State the date leaving the US and the date returning to Purdue

      • State the purpose of the trip in relation to continuing the collaboration

    • If a scholar intended to return within 30 days and is delayed awaiting a visa approval or an Act of God (Iceland volcano, for example), the scholar should email iss@purdue.edu so we can add this information to the file

    • Personal reasons such as family events or job requirements in the home country would normally prohibit the continuation of J-1 program, so the scholar should email iss@purdue.edu with the reason for leaving the US for 30 or more days so that a counselor can evaluate it.